28 Day ABC Challenge starts March 1st!

Every month we offer a new challenge with the intention of providing you with structure, a focus and other members to share in it with! 

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28 Day ABC Challenge

It’s as easy as A-B-C. Just show up, push play and workout for 30-minutes a day! This challenge targets your arms, booty and core all while working up a sweat and keeping you smiling. 

Challenge Unlocks Wednesday March 1st 

What you get:

  •  A new 30-minute workout every day
  •  Options to progress and regress the workouts
  •  Encouragement and positive mindset coaching

Each week includes:

  •  2 Arms & Abs workouts
  •  2 Booty & Core workouts
  •  1 Power Sculpt workout
  •  1 12 Days HIIT workout
  •  1 30-Minute Recovery Day

Who this challenge is for:

  • Anyone who wants a simple, effective and fun way to workout
  •  People who want to reap the benefits of cross-training and a strong core
  •  Those who want an easy-to-follow plan for their workouts! 

The 28 Day ABC Challenge can help you to:

  •  build strength and muscle tone in your abs, butt and arm muscles
  •  improve your posture and develop deep core strength 
  •  save time! No need to drive to the gym or studio!
  •  develop skills and build your confidence
  •  build healthy habits and get consistent with your exercise program
  •  feel accomplished in just 30-minutes a day 
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I travel for work and these workouts give me peace of mind in that I can still get my workout in when and wherever I stay.  - Becky Q. 

Thank you Beth! Love the challenges! I've been doing your training over a year now and my posture as well as my body has positively changed. Thank you. - Stephanie P.

Feels great getting back into the swing of things! My 10-year-old son joined me and we had so much fun, he wants to stick with it, even when he goes back to his dad's. You and your workouts are an inspiration, Beth! - Emily M. 

Thank you for the breath work!! I had missed the meditation yesterday and I'm really glad I can back to do it today! 😁 Loving the ABC challenge and proud of myself for sticking through it daily πŸ™Œ and very grateful Smiling Soul Fitness😊. Thanks Beth!πŸ™  -Steph A. 

Thank you so much for these 28 Days of ABC! They were well paced and I have finished strong! On to the next challenge! Thanks again! πŸ’ͺβ€οΈπŸŒˆπŸ™πŸ‘πŸŒ - Johnny A. 

Done! I absolutely love starting my days with these workouts.  - Jennifer H. 

Fantastic workouts, feeling so much stronger. Three weeks ago that would have been impossible. Made it through without stopping and am so proud!!!! - Christy D.

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About Beth

Beth Alexander is a personal trainer, Reiki Master and nationally recognized health professional who has been featured on The Today Show, Shape and PopSugar Fitness. Her top selling online courses, including 21 Day Low Impact Body Blast & 21 Day Booty Core have sold over 100,000 copies. 

Beth has been featured at events with companies such as Nike and Fabletics. She has a degree in Exercise & Sports Studies and over 20 health and fitness certifications including specialities in low back pain, core strengthening and behavioral change.

While she takes a holistic approch to health, well-being and fitness, Beth is best known for designing workout programs her clients actually look forward to because they break up the boredom, get results and make fitness fun.

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