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Every month we offer a new challenge with the intention of providing you with structure, a focus and other members to share in it with! 

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21 Day HIIT & Core Challenge

Smile, sweat *and* strengthen your core with this 21-day challenge. 

Challenge unlocks December 1st.

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What you can expect:

  •  A different 10-45 minute workout every day 
  •  Workouts that progress you thoughtfully
  •  Structure to help you succeed

Who this is challenge for:

  •  Anyone experiencing a workout slump and needing motivation
  •  People seeking a balance of total body cardio and core-strengthening workouts
  •  Anyone who likes to workout from the comfort of their home
  •  Regular exercisers who are ready to mix up their routine and try something new!
  •  People who love to sweat and smile
  •  Anyone who loves Beth Alexander's 12 Days HIIT Routines! 

What you can accomplish:

  •  Meet your weekly recommended goal of 150+ minutes of heart-rate elevated exercise! 
  •  Strengthen your core and improve your posture
  •  Feel strong and fit
  •  Burn calories--some participants report burning 500+ calories in our HIIT sessions
  •  Elevate your heart rate and increase your endurance with HIIT training
  •  Enjoy the post-workout endorphin boost!
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“Can't believe I made it through that 🤣I'm not big on cardio but man it feels great to get it done!” - Jennifer H.

“Great workout. Burned 485 active 576 total 🔥🔥🔥” - Josh A.

“Thank you Beth 🙌🏻 although I may have sworn at you at one point 😅 - Krystyna H. 

“This workout felt really good! I'm loving the heart rate push at this time of the year. Thanks Beth!” - Stephanie P. 

“You always seem to know when we need an extra push to keep going, and it always makes me laugh. Can't tell you how thankful I am for these workouts.” - Jenn H. 

“I needed that sweat sesh! Thanks” - Michelle T.

“I always feel so accomplished with these challenges! Even if miss a day or two, or take an extra week, I’m grateful for the structure and support that Beth and Smiling Soul Fitness provide!” - Jonathan D. 

“I am so thankful for Smiling Soul Fitness! During the past year being part of this program, I've completely transformed into a much more active and motivated person. I feel a lot stronger and accomplished, but also more body-positive than ever before. Losing weight is never the end goal for me anymore; as long as I feel strong and get my workout in, I'm where I need to be. Thank you Beth and team! ❤️ - Jennifer H. 

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About Beth

Beth Alexander is a personal trainer, Reiki Master and nationally recognized health professional who has been featured on The Today Show, Shape and PopSugar Fitness. Her top selling online courses, including 21 Day Low Impact Body Blast & 21 Day Booty Core have sold over 100,000 copies. 

Beth has been featured at events with companies such as Nike and Fabletics. She has a degree in Exercise & Sports Studies and over 20 health and fitness certifications including specialities in low back pain, core strengthening and behavioral change.

While she takes a holistic approch to health, well-being and fitness, Beth is best known for designing workout programs her clients actually look forward to because they break up the boredom, get results and make fitness fun.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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