Smiling Soul Fitness Podcast

Smiling Soul Fitness Podcast

Hosted by: Beth Alexander

Sparking joy, inspiration, and meaningful connection with Smiling Souls from around the word!

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Growth Mindset of a Champion Trainer with Gideon Akande

Episode 4 Description: Join us as we talk about Gideon Akande’s inspiring journey that includes winning the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition, being a 3x Chicago Golden Gloves boxing champion and completing...
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4 Phrases To Help You Make The Most of Your Workouts

Episode 3 Description - This week Beth shares some of her favorite “Bethisms” - 4 phrases designed to help you make the most out of your workouts. Smiling Soul Fitness members will definitely recognize these...
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Putting The MIND In Mind-Body Transformation with Jennifer Haddad

Episode 2 Description: This week Beth is joined by Jennifer Haddad, one of our very own Smiling Soul Fitness members. Jennifer started working out to get ready for her wedding. She joined for the physical results but...
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Inclusive and Accessible Fitness with Vysh Sivakumaran - Episode 1

Episode 1 Description: Fitness in Place Co-Founder, Vysh Sivakumaran joins Beth Alexander this week to chat about accessible movement. Vysh shares with us her fitness journey and how becoming an entrepreneur helped...
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