Putting The MIND In Mind-Body Transformation with Jennifer Haddad

 This week Beth is joined by Jennifer Haddad, one of our very own Smiling Soul Fitness members. Jennifer started working out to get ready for her wedding. She joined for the physical results but has stayed working out with us for years because of the whole body benefits she experiences. In this episode we explore what to do when you’re struggling with feeling unmotivated, how to make your routine work for you, and developing confidence to feel good in your body.

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6:11 “It felt like a necessity after a while. It really had a good effect on my metal health, especially during the pandemic.”

11:45 “I like the feeling of looking back on my day, or my week and just being proud of myself for taking the time to do a work out.”

13:13 “I don’t look at it as a failure if I have to take a day off, or even a couple of days off. I know I can just get on my mat tomorrow, or even the next week.”

14:47 “I’ve kind of let go of the idea that my body has to look a certain way or be a certain way.”

15:15 “You also invited me to think about the reasons why I wanted to lose weight, and something just clicked for me there. And that felt right, and I started to examine why weight loss was such an important goal for me and I have to say it’s no longer so important.”

19:07 “I think I would tell my pre Smiling Soul Fitness self to just be gentle with yourself.”

27:46 “I would say a smiling soul is one that is connected at peace. No matter what kind of challenges come up and one that finds a way to smile, even if things are tough.”


Host: Beth Alexander

Guest: Jennifer Haddad

Producer: Marissa Jacky

Editor: Ash Jeane


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