4 Phrases To Help You Make The Most of Your Workouts

This week Beth shares some of her favorite “Bethisms” - 4 phrases designed to help you make the most out of your workouts. Smiling Soul Fitness members will definitely recognize these memorable phrases. In this episode, Beth does a deep dive of what she believes makes a healthy, sustainable, and feel-good movement practice and why she uses these “Bethisms” again and again at Smiling Soul Fitness.

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2:03 “I’m really big on celebrating when people show up, because in my opinion, that is the hardest part.”

2:48 “We encourage you, since you showed up, to move in a way that works for your body today.”

4:19 “I am honored when my workouts get to be part of that rotation. I am committed to celebrating you showing up for whatever workout actually feels good to you in that moment.”

7:09 “I am the trainer and the person I am today, because of all these other teachers, who showed up with their great cues, who showed up with their great regressions and progressions. It’s an honor to be able to pay it forward and share it with you.”

10:58 “Sometimes people feel like if they're doing a low impact workout that it’s not hard or it’s not challenging, and let me just tell you at Smiling Soul Fitness, the members, they know that’s not true.”

11:22 “If you're working out with me, I love offering options. A perfect example for this is one of our power sculpt workouts. Those are our cardio and strength workouts that we do once a week. I might offer squats as a low impact option. I might offer jump squats or squat jacks as a high impact option.”

12:12 “Your body is magnificent. It is awesome. It is an amazing source of information for you. And I really want these workouts to help you connect with your body in meaningful ways to help you appreciate all that it does for you, whether you're thinking about it or not thinking about it.”


Host: Beth Alexander

Producer: Marissa Jacky

Editor: Ash Jeane


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