Growth Mindset of a Champion Trainer with Gideon Akande

Join us as we talk about Gideon Akande’s inspiring journey that includes winning the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition, being a 3x Chicago Golden Gloves boxing champion and completing the New York City Marathon. Whether it’s football, running, boxing, or personal training, Gideon brings a mindset of growth, patience, and empathy to his athletic pursuits and training others. In this episode, Gideon talks about how to learn from your experiences and inspires you to become your best too!

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Three-time Chicago Golden Gloves boxing champion and national winner of the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition, Gideon Akande (@getfitwithgiddy) excels at motivating people to be their best. Offering online workouts both live and on-demand at, his love of fitness leaps right through your screen.

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9:16 “Sometimes people forget that outside of what we do, we may be novices, and that’s okay. Cause you gotta start from somewhere, you grow, you build, you adapt, and you adjust based off of that.”

9:45 “Being able to humble myself, alright, take my licks, get knocked down on my butt, get right back up on my feet, and learn from those experiences, is something I even take into my day to day life.”

11:26 “This person might not do what you do right now, but they’re working, they’re giving it their best. Show them that same respect that you would want, give them that same chance that you would want, so you can watch them grow.” 12:45 “And remember what that experience was like for you while you were boxing while you were running the marathon and how their life and their experience from start to finish is being. It's happening right there unfolding right before their very eyes, the same way it did for me. And also it just draws us all together because we all share those same experiences. And no matter where, if it's in fitness, no matter if it's in our career, no matter if it's in our families and relationships, we all share those same things.And that's what ties us together. The human experience. ”

14:18 “It was more so a celebration of me committing to doing something, committing to the training program, whether I was in another city or another country, I did the put the mileage in.”

15:16 “Oftentimes, you know, we have a goal and it has to look a certain way and it has to be a certain way. Oftentimes the, the journey that's the experience and that's where the growth and development happened not necessarily the end point, right”

23:46 “Hey, even if you don't think you're going to do well in it, or if you don't think it's for you, it's worth exploring because you never know what's gonna happen. The worst thing that can happen, oftentimes if someone says no, right, or the door is closed or the opportunity doesn't happen and that's fine, but what's the best thing that can happen. And if we start switching our mindsets to the possibilities that are out there for us, I think we'll make our decisions in a wiser way.”

31:32 “And, and I think anybody, whether you're a fitness, professional, or not, if you are able to drill down on what your time looks like and work with your partner or work with your resources to allow you to have those 30 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour or whatever you need. That's gonna make a world of difference.”

35:21 “I try to stay away from 'em as much as I can, but one that I'm like, man, that's just really true. Is that you never, you never regret a workout.”

39:53 “I’m living my life, I’m pursuing my passion, I’m doing exactly what I want to do, there’s like not too many things that can provide you that much joy, living your true passion.

47:04 “Yeah, if someone's currently lacking motivation, uh, let them know that. It's natural. Welcome to the club. Everyone loses, loses motivation from time to time, but we often come back to whatever we enjoy the most. So think of something that's fun for you.”


Host: Beth Alexander

Guest: Gideon Akande

Producer: Marissa Jacky

Editor: Ash Jeane


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