Allowing Your Relationship With Movement to Change

What are green flags, and red flags, in your relationship to movement, fitness and exercise? When it comes to exercise routines and working out, we often don’t acknowledge the big changes happening in our lives. Instead of feeling guilt over a missed workout, improving your relationship with movement can help you to accept and acknowledge that sometimes, other things take priority in life. Beth shares a personal story, and goes over ways to improve your relationship to exercise so that your routine is full of grace, attunement and kindness.


Mental Health Is Moving Your Body -

Connecting with Host Beth Alexander:





3:30 “So if you’re someone who’s going through a big change or transition, you know whether it’s something individual or its something bigger on a collective level and your capacity for exercise or the way that you want to move has shifted, know that that's totally normal.”

4:50 “I hope to plant some seeds so that whenever changes come up, because they will, that you can attune and attend to yourself in a compassionate, and graceful, and loving way.”

5:07 “One of my favorite things I say at Smiling Soul Fitness is move in a way that works for your body today.” 8:26 “It has been hard in the sense that mentally, I had a plan. And I wanted to stick to it. And it’s not gonna happen.”

9:09 “Accept yourself where you’re at and focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t”

10:00 “But, exercise and fitness and movement can also have a dark side and this can be perpetuated in our culture.”

18:01 “I want you to take the workout challenge, to take the workout calendar and I want you to make it work for you.”

19:01 “The workout challenges, the workout calendars, at least when I’m offering them, they are designed to give you structure, to give you a focus, to encourage you to get started with and stick with a workout routine. But the best, the best thing you could do is make it work for you!”


Host: Beth Alexander

Producer: Marissa Jacky

Editor: Ash Jeane


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