Letting Fitness Flow with Jill McLemore

Today, we’ll be talking with Smiling Soul Fitness member Jill McLemore. Among many other things, Jill is a first time mom, and like all new parents is working on finding balance during this transition. Jill shares a little bit of her journey with movement and how she’s learned to listen to her body in order to promote longevity in workouts. Listen to hear more about the adjustments she's made to her life, her attitude, and schedule in search of that perfect balance!

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17:06 “Being out, and being active together as a family has become very important for us.”

19:21 “Sometimes a reasonable goal to set for the week is one walk.”

24:02 “I’ve made that mistake time and time again (hitting a workout too hard), and I end up injuring my shoulder again or triggering it and then I’m out for a week.”

24:20 “I have to ease back into the work outs. I have to take it easy on myself , so it might just be one or two walks a week.”

26:00 “Start small knowing that you’ll see success faster, or sooner, and that you can always build on it.”


Host: Beth Alexander

Guest: Jill McLemore

Producer: Marissa Jacky

Editor: Ash Jeane


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