Creating Balance In Your Fitness Program with 8x Ironman Eric Mundstock

 Personal trainer and athlete Eric Mundstock joins us for this episode of Smiling Soul Fitness The Podcast. From his first surprise marathon, Eric dove headfirst into marathon running and Ironmans. Throughout his journey, he has learned to balance his tough training and put his body first. Listen as he describes the process of achieving 8 Ironmans while also being mindful of his overall health and family.

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Eric MundStock is an 8x ironman, a personal trainer, a life fitness instructor, running coach, exercise enthusiast, and wellness advocate based in Santa Barbara, California. He is a lifelong athlete who followed his love of sports to the Exercise and Sport Studies program at U.C. Santa Barbara. Eric is an old soul with a new outlook on fitness who promotes a pain free life that includes proper posture and movement patterns, and supports people of all ages in being strong and healthy.


11:20 - “I’m just kind of one of those people who like to do hard things and kind of dive into the… I don’t know if it’s like the human spirit or just kind of pushing boundaries and seeing limits and actually like discovering that, you know how resilient humanity and people are, how great they are. And sometimes just proving that to yourself is really what drives me to continue to do it from that point.” 1

8:00 - “Love is an energy. When you exercise with that love, or when you think about it, especially when you’re doing endurance sports, when you feel like you can’t be tired anymore, when you think about that love, of that support, they’re there with you. It’s huge.”

24:00 - “I’ve learned that the best benefits for myself actually come from when I am not tired and when I am not sore, and when I do a workout based on feel and not necessarily on a set time so, it's the repetitive working, so it's not always I need to kill my legs. You don't have to, you don't want to! You want to work yourself to a point in which you are strong enough and you can do it again.”

28:40 - “Some days I didn’t have that, so some days I had to watch a little girl for all day before my wife came home from work and then we had to put her to bed and then I had to go workout at 8:00 at night. That’s really hard. I’m not saying that that's what everyone should do!”

32:17 - “In order for it to be stable and for you to do it well you need to build the base strong out through each level.”


Host: Beth Alexander

Guest: Eric Mundstock

Producer: Marissa Jacky

Editor: Gage Hurley


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