Every month we offer a new challenge with the intention of providing you with structure, a focus and other members to share in it with! 

4 Week Arms & Abs Challenge

Develop deep core strength, improve your posture and build tone in your arms with this 4 Week Challenge from Beth Alexander

Challenge Unlocks September 4th

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A Different Workout Every day!

28 energizing, easy to follow, strength-focused workouts! 

Challenge & Change Your Body

Improve your posture and build beautiful muscle tone in your upper body!

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Show up, push-play, and save your favorite workouts to repeat!

Every Week, you get: 

  • 4x Arms & Abs Workouts

  • 1x Booty & Core Workout

  • 1x Low Impact Cardio Workout 

  • 1x Active Recovery Day

Who this is challenge for:

  • People who want to improve their posture

  • Anyone who wants to target their arms & abs with efficient and effective workouts

  • Those who enjoy working out in a supportive & kind environment, with a trainer who will smile!

  • People who want to save time, with at-home or travel friendly workouts.

This program is designed to help you:

✅ help you maintain better posture 

✅ build strength in the arms

✅ increase your mobility 

✅ develop skills and build strength 

✅ build core strength

✅ laugh and smile (and sometimes swear 😂) as we workout 

✅ build regular habits around exercising that stick! 

✅ help you feel more connected 💕

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What People are Saying

💟Hello!  Beth.... I just love your workouts.  You have helped my form so so much and your infectious giggle makes me not swear at you 😂😂 - Melissa L.

💟Today I really felt the the abs.  I'm feeling the muscles I never knew I had! - Anne T. 

💟Day 4 done - WOW! Never knew I had these muscles that Beth just worked out! Looking forward to seeing how much stronger I will be by day 21 as my arms have always been weak! - Kerri L.

💟Today will be day 9 and I absolutely Love the results I’m getting from these workouts in such little time. I can’t wait to see the results at 21 days, then I’ll start all over and do it again! -Toya D.

💟 Beth is such a fabulous trainer and coach!! I love that she offers so many different modifications, so you can adjust based on your body's needs or how much you want to push yourself. She fosters a supportive environment and you always leave feeling better than before class. I would recommend Beth's classes to anyone! - Kaitlin S.

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About Beth

Beth Alexander is a personal trainer and nationally recognized health professional who has been featured on The Today Show, Shape and PopSugar Fitness. Her top selling online courses, including 21 Day Low Impact Body Blast & 21 Day Booty Core have sold over 100,000 copies. 

Beth has been featured at events with companies such as Nike and Fabletics. She has a degree in Exercise & Sports Studies and over 20 health and fitness certifications including specialities in low back pain, core strengthening and behavioral change.

While she takes a holistic approach to health, well-being and fitness, Beth is best known for designing workout programs her clients actually look forward to because they break up the boredom, get results and make fitness fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for beginners?

  • Sort of - We recommend this program for people with a baseline level of fitness.

  • If you're truly just starting out with exercise, we recommend starting with 21 Day Arms & Abs, one of Beth's original programs to build up a base level of strength.

What equipment do I need?

  • A pair of dumbbells (about 5 pounds) is used in most workouts. A resistance mini-band is recommended for the Booty & Core workouts.

How will I know what workouts to do?

  • We put all the workouts into an easy-to-follow format. You get a new workout every day. All you have to do is show up and push play!

Are the workouts low impact (no jumping)?

  • All workouts are low impact- this means no running or jumping! YAY :)

When the challenge is complete, what do I do next? 

  • Follow our daily workout calendar

  • Use our robust search & filter system to find the perfect workout (out of 350+) for you!

  • Join next month’s challenge

  • Try one of our healthy eating recipes